Project excell 2



1. one file with additional sheet
2. portrait layout
3. file name and email title are the same: projectexcel_1_2_name_NIK_Class

contoh Pengiriman ke email:


Translate the following sentences

  1. She was both surprised by and pleased with the seminar.
  2. He would find the missing keys neither under the table nor in his wallet.
  3. Either you have to finish the project, or the contract will be canceled.
  4. The more children you have, the bigger the house you need.
  5. The greater the experience, the higher the salary.
  6. Hearing the good news, she couldn’t be happier.
  7. The firefighters worked feverishly, and they couldn’t put on more attempts.
  8. Banyak anak banyak rejeki.
  9. Semakin besar penghasilan yang kamu dapatkan, semakin banyak pajak yang kamu bayarkan.
  10. Semakin kesini, dia semakin gemuk.
  11. Lebih banyak, lebih meriah
  12. Adalah mantan presiden SBY yang berhasil membayar hutang Indonesia ke IMF sampai lunas.
  13. Megawati adalah satu satu nya presiden Indonesia yang berjenis kelamin perempuan.